/Here are the American goods that will get hit hardest by Chinas latest round of tariffs

Here are the American goods that will get hit hardest by Chinas latest round of tariffs

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  • China announced on Monday it would retaliate against the Trump administration by raising tariffs on $60 billion worth of American imports.
  • About half of those items will now be subject to a 25% tariff. 
  • Here is a summary of those 2,493 items, separated by major categories: 

China announced on Monday it would retaliate against the Trump administration by raising tariffs on $60 billion worth of American imports. 

More than 5,000 items would be affected by the higher tariffs of between 5% and 25%, scheduled to take effect June 1, with about half of those now facing the steepest rate. 

Here is a summary of those 2,493 items, separated by major categories. About $50 billion other American products, mostly agricultural exports, are already subject to a 25% tariff. 

Meat: Fresh or cold boned sheep meat, smoked or salted beef, chopped meat, manufactured or preserved pig hind legs and meat pieces

Fish and seafood: Smoked salmon and Donauzhe fish

Alcohol: Sparkling wine, regular wine, other fermented beverages, gin, tequila, other distilled spirits and alcoholic beverages

Other animal products: natural honey, other bee products, whole or diced salted pig casings, whole or diced salted sheep casings, other animal stomach, coral and aquatic products shell, bone powder and waste

Trees and other plants: Other fresh flower arrangements and flower buds, dried and dyed flower arrangements and flower buds, fresh moss and lichens, fresh plants, leaves, etc., other plant branches

Frozen foods: Frozen peas, frozen corn, frozen legumes, frozen spinach, other frozen fruits and nuts, frozen other pulp, other frozen fruits and nuts, peel of citrus fruits or melons

Coffee, tea, maté, and spices: Decaffeinated roasted coffee, roasted coffee with caffeine, flower tea, certain amounts of green tea, oolong tea, other fermented and semi-fermented black tea, ground pepper, chili, other unground cinnamon and cinnamon flowers, hazelnut, ground ginger, mixed seasoning spices, other seasonings

Oil seeds and fruits: Sunflower seeds, other oily seeds and fruits, plants mainly used as medicine, soybean oil and its fractions

Plant products: plants mainly used as spices, insecticidal and bactericidal plants, seaweed and algae, sweet almond, other cores and nuts for human consumption

Salt, sulfur, earths and stone, plastering materials, lime and cement

Mineral fuels: Liquefied natural gas

A wide range of chemicals including: Chlorine, iodine, bromine, sulfur, carbon, and more.

Animal or vegetable fats and oils: Virgin peanut oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin sunflower oil or safflower oil, sunflower oil or safflower oil, virgin coconut oil and its fractions, virgin canola oil, rapeseed oil or mustard oil and its fractions, corn oil, castor oil, sesame oil, hydrogenated animal fats, Margarine, shortening, crude glycerin, glycerin water and glycerin lye

Sugars and baking powders: Cane sugar, unscented or coloured, maple sugar and maple syrup, glucose and syrup, chemically pure fructose, wheat or mixed wheat fine powder, other cereal fine powder, wheat coarse and coarse powder, other processed oats, cereals, potato flour, granules and pellets, fruit and nut powder and powder, unbaked malt, baked malt, potato starch, tapioca, other starch, gluten

Pasta and other grains: Unfilled or uncooked egg-containing pasta, stuffed pasta, whether cooked or otherwise made, ready-to-eat or quick-cooked noodles, uncooked cereal pieces and unbaked mixed foods, sweet biscuits, waffles and communion cakes

Preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants: Canned vegetables, cooked jams, jellies, purees, canned fruit, fruit juice, vegetable juice

Fertilizers: sodium nitrate, pure potassium chloride, potassium sulfate

Pharmaceuticals:  Adhesive plaster, X-ray checking contrast agent, diagnostic reagent, chemical contraceptives based on hormones

Tanning extracts, dyes, and paints

Perfume and cosmetics: Perfume, lips cosmetics, eye cosmetics, powder, skin care and other beauty products, shampoo, perm agent, styling agent and other hair care products

Soaps and cleaning products: Washing preparations, laundry detergent, leather and material washing agents

Electronics: Headphones, telephones, televisions, recorders, headsets, video recording devices, cameras, appliances including toasters and coffee machines

Semiconductor device packaging materials

Photographic or cinematographic goods: Various types of photo film and processing chemicals

Plastics and articles thereof: A wide range of plastic products for office or school, including enamels and similar containers

Rubber and articles thereof: Latex, other rubber products including tires, building, mining or industrial materials

Raw hides and leather: Artificial fur products, claws, precious fur, unsewn fur, other items made of fur

Wood: Sawdust, wood scrap and chips, wood chips or wood pellets, fir and spruce log

Paper: Hand-painted design manuscripts, various calendars, transfer decals, other prints of papers

Wool or animal hair products: Cashmere, fine or coarse animal hair, yarn and woven fabric

Clothing and textiles: A wide range of finished clothing articles for both men and women, fabrics, including rayon, nylon, and polyester, fleece, lace, special woven fabrics, blended and unblended cotton, twill, silk

Carpeting: Wool-knotted carpet and other flooring products, silk knotted woven carpet and floor coverings, non-textile carpets and flooring products made of other textile materials

Shoes: Ski boots, sports boots with rubber and plastic bottoms, sports footwear for leather uppers, leather boots, slippers with rubber or plastic outsoles, shoes and other materials made of leather and recycled leather outsole, leggings and similar products

Accessories:  Walking sticks, walking sticks, whip and similar articles, other parts and accessories for umbrellas and canes

Ceramic products and glass and glassware

Jewelry and stones: Unprocessed or simply processed non-industrial diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones or semi-precious stones, metal-based jewelry

Iron, steel, copper, nickel, and aluminum products

Railway or tramway locomotives, rolling-stock and parts thereof

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