/Bitcoin Millionaire Admits Steamy Sex Affair, Denies Models Grisly Murder

Bitcoin Millionaire Admits Steamy Sex Affair, Denies Models Grisly Murder

By CCN: Bitcoin tycoon and Everus World founder Alex Johnson and his wife engaged in a threesome that ended with the mysterious death of a Dutch model in December 2017. Ever since, the couple has been living as outcasts, moving from one city to another while hiding from the anger and threats of vigilantes.

Now, after 18 months, the Johnsons have broken the silence, claiming their innocence in the grisly murder case and calling for an end to their “witch hunt.”

While they denied their involvement in her death, the couple confessed that they had sex with the model on the night she plunged to her death in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Bitcoin High-Roller Denies Killing Dutch Model

Bitcoin millionaire Alex Johnson and his wife Luna first met teenage model Ivana Smit in October 2017 in a Kuala Lumpur nightclub. WhatsApp messages between the couple and Smit exposed that the trio spent multiple nights together in November and December 2017.

On December 6, Smit went to a club where she drank heavily with the Johnsons. According to her agent, the Dutch model was “OK” at first, but she started to look for drugs later on. CCTV later recorded Alex Johnson carrying an apparently-intoxicated Smit into an elevator.

The three then went back to the Johnsons’ apartment in Capsquare Residence where cameras caught the model walking normally towards the couple’s flat.

Bruises & a Grisly 14-Story Fall

Police found Smit’s body the next day, lying on the ground 14 stories below the bitcoin millionaire’s apartment.

Alex and Luna Johnson were arrested, but they were both released without charges after blood tests showed no traces of drugs.

An autopsy found that Ivana Smit had consumed alcohol, cocaine, and amphetamines. The couple strongly denies that they gave Smit drugs or took some themselves on the night of the tragedy.

“Ivana was our friend and we both had relationships with her. She came with us willingly that night. I wished I had more time to know her. I lost a friend,” Luna Johnson said, breaking her silence after 18 months of hiding.

While two police inquests showed that the cause of the death was accidental, a subsequent autopsy in Holland suggested that the model had sustained bruises on her arms and heads before falling from the couple’s balcony.

Ivana Smit’s Death: Tragic Accident or Murder in Cold Blood?

bitcoin millionaire Alex Johnson model murderbitcoin millionaire Alex Johnson model murder

Alex and Luna Johnson had a threesome with model Ivana Smit. They deny killing her. | Source: Facebook

The mysterious events created an atmosphere of uncertainty around the tragic death of Ivana Smit.

The model could have died in a tragic accident, but many remain convinced that the Johnsons killed the model. Her family is preparing to file a lawsuit against the wealthy bitcoin investor.

Vigilantes have harassed the Johnsons on social media since Smit’s death. According to the couple, they even received a phone call threatening to kidnap their child.

“We got scared and we haven’t been able to live our lives freely,” Luna Johnson said.

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