/Enecuum Launch Blockchain Network with Mobile Masternodes. Keep Calm and Continue Mining!

Enecuum Launch Blockchain Network with Mobile Masternodes. Keep Calm and Continue Mining!

Enecuum, a blockchain mobile network for decentralized applications which is able to bring blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the real mainstream, involve mobile devices users into a blockchain network, and provide powerful toolkit for the dApps developers to create fast and low cost applications WEB 3.0 for millions of people. Now, Enecuum is starting a scaling community program. 

The birth of Enecuum

Since 2017, Enecuum has been working on a complex concept which finally became an efficient mobile masternode, blockchain explorer and a Web wallet. All coins earned in mobile masternode are available for swap to ENQ ERC-20 tokens and will be available for trading on July 4th 2019 at 22.00 (GMT+8) on GRAVIEX and CREX24 exchanges in BTC, ETH, USD and RUB trading pairs. 

GRAVIEX and CREX24 are user friendly and functional crypto exchanges  for trading. Both exchanges found in 2017 and at this moment are stable systems allowing to make fast and safe transactions. 

Payment is available in fiat and cryptocurrencies. On GRAVIEX operations with rubles, USD and euros don’t charge fees and are possible to complete by using the Payeer payment system. CREX24 exchange allows to use Visa, MasterCard, QIWI and Yandex.Money.

Test net results into 380 TPS and planned to get to 9000 TPS. We will double the block reward which will amount to 2 ENQ for block by July 8, now it is 1 ENQ. After the main net launch block reward will be 7,7 ENQ. Reward will smoothly increase before the main net launch. 

For now, swap is available in Wallet Web version between ENQ and ETH blockchains. It allows to convert ERC-20 tokens to ENQ coins (and vice versa). 

Enecuum network coins will play a utility role. ERC-20 ENQ tokens will be available for trading.

This will allow our users easily participate in the staking system for mobile masternode which will be launched by the day of trading start – July 4. At the convenience of calculations of the masternode launch users can use the ROi calculator directly in the application or on the website. 

“I am glad to announce that after long months of development and testing we finally release the test net beta. At this stage, we launch a mobile masternode providing the ability to join the network and get rewards for blocks generation in the Android app.

Thanks to our first supporters, test net was launched May 1 – and more than 1200 people from 49 countries have joined us. ”  

 – Mikhail Sayfullin, Enecuum CEO

Enecuum is an international company with the head office in Hong Kong, who has raised 3 000 ETH during the Private Sale in 2018. Enecuum team consists of the most  advanced developers, academic researchers and IT-entrepreneurs. 

In July 2019 Enecuum representatives will visit a 21st IEEE conference on Business Informatics in Moscow with a speech on the subject of blockchain technology for smartphones and constrained IoT devices: a future perspective which is a topic of their academic article. 

In the q3 of 2019, the development team plans to launch a decentralized VPN p2p  service, which will be available to users of the mobile application. And more dapps coming in q4 2019.

Enecuum partners with such well-known companies of blockchain as GEM Crypto, Paytomat, Alphachain, MyWish and more. All of these companies play a significant role in the industry and bring their own ideas to blockchain community.

What are the main benefits of the platform? 

The significant feature of Enecuum is Trinity consensus combining PoA (Proof of Activity), PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake). This hybrid approach to consensus provides a high degree of network decentralization, while significantly increasing both network security and transaction execution speed. PoW is a principle of cryptocurrency mining when user needs to complete computations of a certain difficulty. PoS rewards depend on the coins amount which are placed in the certain user’s wallet. 

It is fair to say that PoA is making the Beta application special. The concept was described by Charles Lee, Alex Mizrahi, Iddo Bentov and Meni Rosenfeld. Users do not need to have the application opened. It can run in the background, the only requirement is to be online using whether WiFi or mobile Internet connection. It is hard to believe, but now mining is already possible on mobile devices! You can get acquainted with the Enecuum technical documentation here. White Paper is presented by this link

Mobile masternodes are highly debated these days as everybody is looking for a way to mine without a place specificity only using your mobile device. Everybody is waiting for a secure, fast and user-friendly system providing an efficient service for their needs. At this very moment can be asserted with confidence that Enecuum is the 1st blockchain with mobile masternodes in the world.  

For now, Enecuum mobile application works on Android devices only, but the team is planning to make it possible for iOS, too. This app doesn’t dry your battery more than any messenger does and requires very regular specification of the phone – Android 4.4, 1GHz processor, 1.5 GB of RAM. Different languages will be added as people all over the world will join the network.

Running an Airdrop & Swap

For completing the mining process, Enecuum app users get rewarded with ENQ coins, which they can swap for ENQ ERC-20 tokens using Wallet on the website – they are available for the crypto exchange trading. During the Airdrop Enecuum technical team will check up the system settings and usability. Comparing to other projects which release the tokens only, Enecuum offers its participants a real product, transparent reward system, easy tasks, user-friendly interface and rewards on a daily basis. 

All the instructions on how to make a swap will be presented in Enecuum official social networks including Medium and Youtube channel. 

Brief on the Enecuum features:

  • Enecuum network has been successfully tested for already 2 months which proves its efficiency;
  • 300 000 ENQs already mined with the app;
  • over 1 250 wallets registered;
  • 1st working mobile masternode worldwide;
  • decentralized, safe and user-friendly app;
  • referral program allowing to earn more tokens by inviting friends;
  • ROI calculator;
  • PoA staking, PoW (for personal computers) and PoS (for the valuable wallets).

More announcement in Enecuum Telegram channel and Twitter

Keep calm and continue mining!

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