/WhalesTrader: For day-traders, by day-traders

WhalesTrader: For day-traders, by day-traders

If you’ve traded before then you’re sure to know how important it is to stay focused. You would also probably know how hard it is to achieve that using TradingView and an exchange trading interface. Not only is it hard for you to focus, it is also not time-efficient – especially for day-traders. WhalesTrader solves all of this – and much more – by providing you with a single platform that merges both analysis and trading into one single user-friendly interface.

Not only that, WhalesTrader offer over 50 unique indicators, such as Order Flow Trading, Average Buy Size, and Ice Berg orders. One of the platform’s best indicators, Black Whale, analyzes orders on the market in real time to identify large purchases of a coin without its price being affected to generate pre-pump buy signals.

What is WhalesTrader?

Nowadays, being a day-trader is not an easy task, especially knowing how heavily manipulated the cryptocurrency market is behind the scenes. Using cutting-edge AI algorithms and various quantitative systems, whales – investors with a lot of money, – are able to exploit crypto trading as much as possible. They essentially leave the so-called ‘normal traders’ or ‘fish’ with no means of fighting back.

With the help of state-of-the-art algorithms, as well as an ever-expanding library of trading and platform tutorials, WhalesTrader offers a set of tools that gives us, the fish, the means necessary to efficiently expose and act upon whales’ market activity

Using the WhalesTrader app (available here for 64-bit Windows systems), you essentially add another layer of chart analysis and prediction as well as trading tools to use on your favorite exchanges – including Binance, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Kraken, and Poloniex.

What makes WhalesTrader unique?

The WhalesTrader platform is one of the few, if not the only platform that allows you to both analyze and trade from one interface – consequently improving trading speed and accuracy. Additional interactive data metrics, such as a real-time order book from which you can trade help you quickly make informed decisions about any trade with greater accuracy.

One of the best features that WhalesTrader features is the BlackWhale functionality, which generates accurate signals for specified timeframes regarding when to enter or exit a market. Not only is BlackWhale not restrained by any predefined timeframe, it also works unhinged regardless of the coin on which you decide to use it. BlackWhale makes use of machine learning to spot out the best moments for these signals.

To top it all off, WhalesTrader offers countless other various patent-pending features to its users, meaning that no other company will be able to copy them and offer the same,

Some of WhalesTrader’s unique features include:

  • WhalesTrader Academy – a free-to-use library of platform- and trading-oriented educational content – written and video tutorials on not only how to use the WhalesTrader desktop app, but how to trade in general.
  • Order Flow – visualizes the market in 3D to reveal supply and demand power and save you from entering losing trades. It informs you of supply and demand power with the goal of exposing fake buy and sell orders and saving you from entering losing trades.
  • BlackWhale – generates buy signals on any timeframe. It detects when whales enter the market using big purchases of a coin without affecting its price by analyzing all orders on the market in real time.
  • BlackWhale NURAL – scans each coin for previous pumps, screening for the price before it goes up to analyze the trading behavior and saving the acquired data points for a more comprehensive market flow understanding.
  • EscapeWhale – generates sell signals for those who use 1, 5 minutes timeframe – perfect for “hit-and-run” trades.
  • LiteWhale – generates sell signals before big dumps occur – ideal for those who use 30, 60 minutes timeframe.
  • Volume Profile – used to analyze how the total volume, buy and sell orders were distributed over any given period of time to reliably identify price zones and liquidity patterns, including absorption, exhaustion, and pullbacks.
  • 2.0 – DELTA Volume Profile – a next-generation Volume Profile technology that predicts with stunning accuracy how and when exactly to enter and exit a trade as well as how to know that you’re in at the right time.
  • ICEBERG order – a new type of order – such as market, limit, and stop-limit that is built for traders with a capital of $10,000 or more. It splits big trades into 10 smaller ones to avoid unwanted price pumps.

How to set WhalesTrader up?

Setting up the trading platform is as straightforward as it gets. All you have to do is download the WhalesTrader platform and register on the website. Upon registration, you have to contact support through their official telegram channel to get your account approved which usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

Once you are approved and the app is up and running, simply connect it with your profile on some of the most popular exchanges using their APIs and you are ready to start trading like a whale. Don’t worry, though, as all API keys are stored locally on your device rather than the cloud.

Are you ready to eliminate your learning time and increase your profits? Register now and you will get the chance to try out some of the platform’s premium features for 10 days – absolutely free of charge.

More information about WhalesTrader can be found on the company’s website or any of the following communication channels:

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