/A New Phone That Is Meant to Change the World of Communication Forever!

A New Phone That Is Meant to Change the World of Communication Forever!

Can you imagine a decentralized smartphone that operates using encrypted calls without roaming fees? Well, this thought now becomes reality: IMpulse K1 Phone.

The revolutionary IMpulse K1 Phone is the first smartphone in the whole world, which is operating based on a “VOBP” – Voice over Blockchain protocol. 

So, how does it work? CryptoData engineers have examined and applied functions of following domains such as astronomy, math, physics, psychology, sociology, economy, telecommunication, informatics. In order to understand the context more easily, a short demonstration is presented using the model of the galaxy as a blockchain. More galaxies create a universe, but the universe has some unique features, such as its boundless and its extending nature. Blockchain is determined as a virtual reality which operates by clear rules from the beginning. Imagine our galaxy respects Moses, Decalogue from the Big Bang. So Blockchains ecosystem is increasing ceaselessly because possibilities to form a blockchain are immeasurable, and the number of blockchains is increasing year by year. 

Decentralized methods that are employed by miners all over the world confirm the authenticity of all users and information. By removing human factor and third party, these methods enhance security. When security check passed the ecosystem opens a communication channel which employs more private keys and encryption methods. Our software alternate communication channels every 10 minutes using special techniques. These techniques are continuously improved using AI (Artificial intelligence) and machine learning. 

Today, communication employs unencrypted data transfer which needs the third party to get processed transfer and storage all info, so we know that if more than two people see a piece of information, it is not safe. IMpulse K1 Phone uses “VOBP.” It means everything you send is decentralized and P2P with End-to-end encryption (E2EE). At this time, we have more possibilities to send documents, photos, and media, but these services are owned by companies. It means somewhere is a server who can storage everything and to use it or not. The technology used by IMpulse K1 Phone is impossible to hack as it is using the same algorithm as communications so nobody can use storage and read what you send, shared location is, also, protected because Impulse algorithm combines a military electronic warfare procedure with encryption.

Blockchain can be accessed everywhere. All users can use their Matrix ID used by the IMpulse K1 Phone to join all networks even if they are public or private. 

The most critical needs: privacy, security, no borders, no fee, have been met by CryptoData  with the smartphone IMpulse K1 Phone.

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