/Bitcoin Groupies Call Bullsh*t on Fraudulent Satoshi Reveal

Bitcoin Groupies Call Bullsh*t on Fraudulent Satoshi Reveal

By CCN Markets: The handful of Bitcoin fans who are still begging for the “real” Satoshi Nakamoto to please stand up may get their wish as early as today.

However, most of the crypto community isn’t getting worked up.

They’re in no mood to be punked.

‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ to Reveal ‘True’ Identity

CCN reported that blockchain company Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings would unveil the identity about the shadowy Bitcoin creator in three installments, beginning on Sunday at 4 pm ET and culminating on Tuesday.

This company is shrouding its three-day reveal in what it says is a transformational rebirth of Bitcoin. At the grand finale, the “real” Satoshi claims he, or she, will unveil a project called Tabula Rasa, a “clean-slate vision for Bitcoin’s transformational rebirth.”

The sentiment seems to be that this is just a PR stunt, with one Twitter user joking that PR stood for “pump request.”

Bitcoin community’s reaction: ‘Yeah, right!’

The rolling of the eyes quickly began after Satoshi’s PR handlers said they would be revealing the details about the real Bitcoin creator.

The crypto community is a cynical one, so it’s going to take more than saying, “It’s me!” to convince its members. The company states it’s going to vindicate its bombshell claims with proof.

However, the crypto community demands very specific proof that few believe we will ever see. According to Charlie Lee, anything short of a message signed by the Genesis key would be “fraudulent.”

The Litecoin creator also tweeted some underhanded criticism at the other self-proclaimed Satoshi, Craig Wright:

Others alleged you didn’t even need to see the “proof” to know the whole saga is just a scam.

Satoshi reveal won’t end debate

The company is supposed to reveal details about Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, including why he hasn’t touched his $10 billion worth of  BTC.

No matter what’s revealed, it’s unlikely to put an end to the debate. Crypto folks are typically not gullible, and they guard the crypto turf fiercely against scammers.

It’s going to take a lot more than a three-day event to move them. Tune in at the company’s website for more information – but prepare to get punked.

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