/5 Insane Conspiracy Theories About That Bitcoin Twitter Scandal

5 Insane Conspiracy Theories About That Bitcoin Twitter Scandal

By CCN Markets: Bitcoin maximalists feuding with altcoiners is not headline-worthy material.

However, when a Twitter handle that boasts 1 million followers and previously pumped Bitcoin Cash suddenly deletes old anti-Bitcoin tweets and even links to Bitcoin.org in its profile, everyone takes notice.

But due to the fact that no clear explanation has been given, the floodgates of conspiracy theories have opened. Here are five of the wackiest ones.

1. Romance gone sour

The founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, speculated that the change of tune by the Twitter handle could have been spurred by a fallout between the owner of the Twitter handle and a leading Bitcoin Cash luminary, Roger Ver.

Yes, that Roger Ver:

Despite the lack of evidence, Lee theorized that the owner of @Bitcoin had been involved romantically with Ver and that this was the product of a messy break-up.

2. Bitcoin Cash has been REKT!

Another social media user suggested that the bigwigs at Bitcoin Cash are looking to raise funds in order to stay afloat. Consequently, they had to sell the @Bitcoin Twitter handle!

But would the amount that they would raise make any difference?

According to social media account appraisal tool Free Valuator, @Bitcoin’s large follower base should make it worth approximately $434,590.

Bitcoin twitter accountBitcoin twitter account
The market value of @Bitcoin | Source: Free Valuator

However, that doesn’t account for the inherent value of the “Bitcoin” brand.

3. Run, it’s a Bitcoin SV trap!

With the Bitcoin Cash crowd having had a feud last year in November leading to the Bitcoin SV fork, the internet was not short on conspiracy theories alleging that the new stance of the Twitter handle was a ruse by BSV.

According to this unsubstantiated conspiracy theory, one of the faces of BSV, Calvin Ayre, has acquired the account to use it as a promotional tool for his favored cryptocurrency.

4. Jack Dorsey and Roger Ver are locked in a propaganda war

Per cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor Alistair Milne, previous attacks of a personal nature by Roger Ver aimed at the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, could have led to the social media company giving the former an ultimatum – clean up your act or ship out!

5. You are at the mercy of a revisionist now!

Finally, Bitcoin Cash backer and Swedish Pirate Party founder Rick Falkvinge theorized that the @Bitcoin Twitter handle had been taken over by a revisionist who is keen on doctoring information.

“Serious stuff in the eyes of the State,” he warned. “I wonder how many years of jail they’re gunning for?”

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