/New Xbox 360 Update Launches: Apparently, Microsoft Thinks Its 2009

New Xbox 360 Update Launches: Apparently, Microsoft Thinks Its 2009

By CCN Markets: Microsoft decided that it hadnโ€™t flogged the dead horse quite enough yet. So, after letting it rot in the street for over a year, it has updated the Xbox 360 yet again.

But why? Check the patch notes and you’ll see every gamer’s greatest nemesis: โ€œminor bug fixes and improvementsโ€

Now, we wait and see what modern Microsoft project is being neglected for an already dead one.

Maybe, if they were not wasting time on updating the Xbox 360, they could get their Game Pass offerings up to snuff.

I hope you werenโ€™t thinking it was a backward-compatibility update, because it isnโ€™t. Thank you for bug fixes three years after the console was fully discontinued, guys.

We really appreciate it.

Why Update a Nearly 15-Year-Old Console?

xbox 360 update details
Time to dig that console out of the yard sale pile! There’s a new update. | Source: Xbox

The Xbox 360 hit end-of-life in 2017, meaning that Microsoft would no longer provide development support for the platform. Translation? The console is dead, stop playing it, we will give you no more games for it, now go buy the new one!

If there are any vulnerabilities left in the console at this stage, they are not likely to find a resolution.

Nor should they.

Microsoft has taken away from their actual obligations to tinker on products that they shouldnโ€™t be working on anymore.

Are There Any New Xbox 360 Features?

xbox 360 update
Don’t expect any kick-a** new Xbox 360 features.| Source: Giphy

No. There are almost certainly never going to be any new features for the Xbox 360. Ever.

The patch optimizes or fixes something that’s probably minimal, silly, and not even worth the time to download.

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