/Craig Wright Posts Bitcoin White Paper: It Is Time to Own My Invention

Craig Wright Posts Bitcoin White Paper: It Is Time to Own My Invention

By CCN Markets: Self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright took another step to cement his claim to the title of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Today (Aug. 22), Wright uploaded the Bitcoin white paper to the SSRN, an academic research journal database.

Wright: ‘It is time to own my invention’

When asked what prompted him to post the paper today, Wright told CCN that “I’ve already publicly admitted I am Satoshi. It is time to own my invention.”

On SSRN, Wright posted the white paper entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” The Australian crypto entrepreneur noted that he had written the report on Aug. 21, 2008.

craig wright bitcoin whitepaper satoshi nakamoto
Craig Wright uploaded the bitcoin white paper today to the SSRN academic research database.

‘I am Satoshi Nakamoto’

Wright told CCN that “people have validated my LLM and found that my 2007 proposal includes parts of the whitepaper.”

Basically, Wright suggests that his 2007 dissertation proposal for his LLM (Master of Laws degree) included excerpts of the Bitcoin white paper he claims he wrote.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Wright posted the paper just days after another self-proclaimed Satoshi made a colossal fool of himself by claiming he’s the real Bitcoin inventor.

As CCN reported, a 42-year-old Pakistani national named Bilal Khalid claimed he was Satoshi Nakamoto. The only problem was, his outlandish tale defied belief. So naturally, the crypto industry mocked him back into anonymity.

Wright: Keys don’t prove ownership

Craig Wright’s many detractors insist he’s not Satoshi because he doesn’t have all the requisite keys to prove his claims.

However, Wright counters that “keys are not law. They don’t prove ownership of property rights, which never was the intention of bitcoin.”

“The concept that is counted consistently of ‘no keys, not your bitcoin’ is meaningless drivel. Very soon, you’re going to see just how foolish this idea is.”

Just yesterday (Aug. 21), an exhibit was entered into the docket of the $10 billion lawsuit filed against Wright by the estate of deceased computer genius Dave Kleiman.

The exhibit purports to be a 2008 email between Wright and Kleiman. In the email, Wright asks Kleiman for help editing a paper that he planned to release in a few months.

“I have been working on a new form of electronic money,” Wright allegedly wrote to Kleiman in March 2008. “I want you to be a part of it all.”

Tellingly, the actual Bitcoin white paper was released in August 2008.

craig wright bitcoin lawsuit exhibit
This exhibit in the Ira Kleiman v. Craig Wright lawsuit purports to be an email between Wright and Dave Kleiman. (Exhibit)

Wright portends ominous fate for bitcoin

Despite claiming to have invented bitcoin, Craig Wright has recently turned against it.

As CCN reported, Wright says bitcoin has devolved into a perverted version of “his” original vision for the cryptocurrency. How? By becoming a vehicle for money-laundering, drug trafficking, and terrorism funding.

Wright has repeatedly warned the crypto industry that he’ll usher in a ruthless reckoning for bitcoin once he comes back into possession of his 1.1 million bitcoin trove in January 2020.

“A decade ago, I didn’t have the power or the resources to step in and do what is necessary to steward Bitcoin to where it needs to be,” Wright said. “I do now.”

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