/Crypto-Obsessed AI Gets Drunk, Claims Ripple Surged to $9

Crypto-Obsessed AI Gets Drunk, Claims Ripple Surged to $9

By CCN Markets: With all this talk about bitcoin, you might be surprised to learn that the ripple price quietly executed the most spectacular single-day rally in the crypto industry’s history.

The rally was so quiet, in fact, that it was ignored by every crypto price tracker, news blog, and armchair analyst.

Except one.

Report: Ripple Rallied 3,400% & You Probably Didn’t Notice It

ripple price analysis article
ripple price analysis article
Did you know the ripple price briefly flirted with $10 last week? Neither did I.| Source: Investing.com via Archive.org

According to a now-deleted article from Investing.com (luckily, I archived it), the ripple price cleared a crucial threshold on Friday. No, the unnamed author wasn’t referring to the $0.30 barrier XRP slid under earlier this month, but rather a far more important resistance line: $9.35.

“XRP was trading at 9.35560 by 02:20 (06:20 GMT) on the Investing.com Index, up 97.17% on the day, Investing.com wrote.“XRP had traded in a range of $0.26774 to $9.36570 in the previous twenty-four hours.”

Now, I didn’t major in mathematics at university – and in full disclosure, I ditched Pre-Calculus for Consumer Math during my senior year of high school – but even I don’t need a calculator to know that something’s not quite right with Investing.com’s math.

While still a ridiculously-bullish rally, a one-day surge of 97.17% would have carried the ripple price to just $0.53, nowhere near its all-time high near $3.85 – much less $9.36.

ripple xrp meme
ripple xrp meme
According to Investing.com, ripple’s market cap briefly doubled bitcoin’s. | Source: imgflip

Had the ripple price actually spiked about $9.36, it would have constituted a daily gain of roughly 3,400% – the largest rally the large-cap crypto market has ever seen.

Ripple’s market cap would have soared to $400 billion – leaving bitcoin and its paltry $179 billion valuation in the dust.

The Ripple company, which still owns roughly half of the entire XRP supply, would rank as one of the world’s most valuable companies with around half-a-trillion dollars worth of XRP assets.

And those millennials taking out “ballz deep” loans to load up on XRP might actually escape from going bankrupt.

ripple price (XRP) chart
ripple price (XRP) chart
The ripple price has never, ever come anywhere near $9.36. | Source: TradingView

Unfortunately for XRP bagholders, neither the 97% nor 3,400% figure is correct. According to CoinMarketCap, ripple’s trading range on that day was somewhat more narrow than Investing.com suggests: $0.261967 to $0.273342.

Even worse for XRP investors, OnChainFX data reveal that ripple is one of the few major cryptocurrencies to actually lose value against the dollar in 2019. XRP is down 23% since the new year, even as the bitcoin price has zoomed nearly 175% higher.

How the Heck Did This Article Get Published?

robot pop art
robot pop art
If there’s one thing this Investing.com article proves, it’s that journalists don’t have to worry about robots replacing their jobs – at least not yet.| Source: Shutterstock

So what accounts for Investing.com’s absurd analysis?

Here’s my theory: Multiple cryptocurrency exchanges suffered from errors relating to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage on August 23.

Since the article was clearly written by a bot, it’s likely that the AWS outage fed buggy data to Investing.com’s intrepid – and possibly-inebriated – crypto analyst AI…

Who then regurgitated that data directly onto the world wide web, unfettered by the whims of a cranky middle-man editor.

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