/Retiring Andrew Luck Should Pour His $24.8 Million into Bitcoin – CCN Markets

Retiring Andrew Luck Should Pour His $24.8 Million into Bitcoin – CCN Markets

If Andrew Luck is worried about money after his early retirement, he should have a sit down with NFL star Russell Okung. To be clear, Luck is probably not worried about money. His former team, the Indianapolis Colts, has decided not to recoup the $24.8 million owed to them. 

Russell Okung’s Diehard Bitcoin Obsession

Still, Okung surely has some ideas of where to put that extra cash. He has become the NFL’s biggest ambassador for bitcoin. The San Diego Chargers left tackle has been championing the flagship cryptocurrency for several years, converting new teammates along the way. 

He’s now taking his digital currency love to the masses by organizing and hosting “Bitcoin is.” The inaugural event is scheduled to take place on Sept. 1 in Los Angeles. According to the website, “Bitcoin is” aims to spread mainstream adoption. They’ve already booked crypto stars Anthony Pompliano and Alex Gladstein to speak at the event. Maybe Okung could work some magic and get Andrew Luck on board too.

Andrew Luck Gets Massive Support from Peers 

Okung came to Luck’s defense for his controversial choice to retire at age 29. He tweeted about the former pro-bowl quarterback, stating his respect for “anyone who can walk away on their own terms.” 

Early NFL retirements are likely on the rise given the violence of the sport and the havoc it can wreak on players’ lives. CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is becoming an epidemic for football players. The condition has caused tragic ends for stars such as Junior Seau and Aaron Hernandez. As the list continues to grow, players like Okung are starting to wake up. He applauded Andrew Luck for taking his health into his own hands.

Despite boos and fan outrage typical for this type of a decision, there has been a surprising amount of support for the early retiree. Star quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Troy Aikman have come to his defense.

Is Andrew Lucky Enough to Buy Bitcoin?

If Okung can get into Luck’s ear about the digital currency, it would be a huge win for crypto and possibly Luck’s bank account. Bitcoin is the top-performing asset for 2019, blowing past major markets like Nasdaq and the S&P 500. In fact, if Luck would’ve put his $24.8 million into bitcoin on Jan. 1 of this year, his stack would be worth over $68 million today. Not bad for a retired 29-year-old.

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