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Elon Musk is Completely Out of Touch vs. Jack Ma on AI – CCN Markets

Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined Jack Ma, the richest man in China, to debate the pros and cons of the use of AI at the World AI Conference, in Shanghai. Musk is pro AI, which has been a staple of the Tesla vehicles despite ever-growing problems. It’s been a while since things looked good for him, with many wondering if he’s lost his mind. This last debate didn’t do him any favors, with Jack Ma, a man with both feet on the ground, helping further prove the theory that Musk has gone nuts.

Musk’s knowledge of AI is what he’s seen in movies

Musk believes machines will soon be able to simulate a human being. Big words, which are also entirely unproven. That doesn’t stop him from believing we might already be living inside a simulation, giving credence to the belief, which is shared by his board, that he’s no longer sane.

Musk’s fairytale AI beliefs depend on hazardous assumptions

On top of blindly believing in AI, Musk also believes, with no proof, that said AI wouldn’t be evil. The idea of a straight-up evil or at least uncooperative AI would prevent him from selling his narrative. But those are real possibilities. Humans blindly believing an AI is the first line in the script of most films about robots taking over.

Assuming AI is fine, assuming there’s a benevolent AI..

Despite what Musk leads people to believe, Ma knows AI will not be used to help people at all

Musk gleefully states AI can make jobs a thing of the past. Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention what’ll happen to the people out of a job. Unlikely that he’d care for them in the future, as he doesn’t even care about his employees in the now. 

Ma knows AI will be used as an excuse to cut on human workforce, without doing anything to make it up for the people who lose their jobs.


because of the artificial intelligence, because of the robots — manufacturing is no longer the main engine of creating jobs

Robots might take more jobs than the ones they help create, unlike what happens in Musk’s dreamland. Right after Musk said he wants to make it work, Ma crushed him by wisely retorting that Musk would rather run away to mars than solve Earth’s problems. Ma concluded by saying we need more heroes working hard on Earth to improve things every day.

Watch the debate below

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