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GeeksHosted Web Hosting Keeps on Breaking Barriers with Bitcoin Payments – CCN Markets

In today’s digital world, web hosting services are the foundation for any online presence. Backbones of online platforms, these centers keep websites online and available to users, so their reliability, pricing structure and uptime are of paramount importance.

GeeksHosted Now Accepting Crypto

GeeksHosted is a web hosting service that has made waves in the last few years. A small run business that has seen immense growth, the company has achieved current heights due to its principle of listening to what its clients want. 

Taking feedback from its customers, GeeksHosted realized that a lot of its clients are crypto-friendly and would prefer the option of using digital tokens and coins to pay for their web hosting services. In accepting Bitcoin, they now join a very small community of web hosts that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Catalin Florica from GeeksHosted pointed this out: That’s a plus for us because not many hosting companies accept Bitcoin.

Growing GeeksHosted

GeeksHosted started out only 6 years ago, but has seen immense growth due to its high quality of services. The company describes itself as a web hosting company that is “for geeks, by geeks”. This philosophy has ensured itself a unique niche position among its target customers.

GeeksHosted now boasts over 15,000 enterprise customers. The growing number of clients had led to the company investing heavily to expand its data center. At one point, the demand for their services almost caused their servers to run out of space — demonstrating growth that was far quicker than expected.

The demand for GeeksHosted service is driven by their basic belief in providing top of the line services. Its main features include:

  • Ultra-fast and near-perfect uptime web hosting.
  • Wide variety of domain name hosting (320 domains).
  • Dedicated website development and designing service.
  • Web security such as SSL.
  • SEO services to increase website traffic.

Talking about the boom GeeksHosting is experiencing, Catalin said,

“We didn’t expect it. Our customers are buying our cheap dedicated servers in large numbers. We can hardly keep up with the orders. It was actually quite a nice surprise.”

Additional Features

While many of the features offered by GeeksHosted are also claimed by other web hosting companies, GeeksHosted’s advantage lies in value, such as:

  • Being one of the cheapest web hosting services.
  • Wide and different web hosting services, such as simple hosting, wordpress hosting and VPS.
  • Offers on reseller and shared services that allow customers to leverage their services.
  • Discounts like 2 months free on an annual subscription and up to 20% off the first month.

Starting at USD 1.95 per month, GeeksHosted hosting services are developed with each customer’s unique needs in mind.

For more information on the Bitcoin-accepting web host, visit https://www.geekshosted.com/ 

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