/How I built my million-dollar company using the power of my brand

How I built my million-dollar company using the power of my brand

  • Amanda Frances is a self-made multimillionaire, digital course creator, writer, and podcaster.
  • Five years ago, she left a Ph.D. program hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Now she’s a multimillionaire CEO in Malibu, California.
  • Her company grossed $1 million dollars in the first quarter of 2019 alone. Frances says it’s because she knows the power of viewing herself as a brand.
  • She believes in herself, posts authentically online, and lets different aspects of her life merge together.
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Realizing the superpowers of social media, over the past 8 years I’ve created a following of over 500,000 women who I’m able to serve, support and empower through online courses, digital training programs, mentorships, and masterminds — as well as through my podcast and weekly YouTube training video.

In 2019, my company, Amanda Frances Inc., has processed over 18,000 transactions and grossed $1 million dollars in the first quarter alone. My company creates digital courses, coaching programs, and online trainings that helps hundreds of thousands of women take control of their lives, start and grow their own businesses, and create their own wealth. Each year, my company helps to create new six-figure, multiple six-figure, and seven-figure business owners. 

Amanda Frances

Amanda Frances.
Courtesy of Amanda Frances

How did I go from being six-figures in student debt, dropping out of a prestigious Ph.D. program, while working multiple jobs at a time … to leveraging the power of the internet to become an internationally known thought leader in the realm of financial empowerment for women?

By believing in myself. And by knowing the power of viewing myself as a brand.

Whenever someone asks me how I grew my business so quickly and no matter how many times I’m asked, I always cite a huge part of my success to personal branding.

Now branding is one of those terms that basically begs the question: What exactly is it? 

Simply put, your brand is just how people think of you.

Branding is not just about perfect color and font choices for a flashy website or photos of you in front of a private jet or clinking champagne glasses on a yacht. You can have those things if that’s authentic to you — but to create a personal brand people know, love, and trust, we have to go deeper.

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