/London Bridge closed off by police amid reports of gunfire – Business Insider

London Bridge closed off by police amid reports of gunfire – Business Insider

  • London’s Metropolitan Police have closed off London Bridge, saying they were responding to a stabbing and they believe “a number of people have been injured.”
  • Multiple reports claim that a suspect has been shot dead by police.
  • Multiple videos circulating online appear to show a man being shot by police, and footage of the scene shows people panicking as they leave the bridge and police clear the area, while London Bridge station has also been closed.
  • Police said they are treated the incident as terror-related “as a precuation.”
  • This is a developing story.
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London’s Metropolitan Police closed off London Bridge Friday afternoon and said a “number of people” have been injured amid reports of gunfire in the area.

The police said on Twitter that officers and emergency services responded to reports of a stabbing at about 2 p.m. near London Bridge.
“A man has been detained by police,” the police said. “We believe a number of people have been injured. Further info to follow.”

The UK’s The Guardian newspaper reported that a suspect was shot by police, citing sources.

It also reported that five people were injured, and “some are in serious condition.”

It reported that the UK’s counterterrorism unit is involved in the investigation.

The police tweeted later on Friday: “At this stage, the circumstances relating to the incident at #LondonBridge remain unclear. However, as a precaution, we are currently responding to this incident as though it is terror-related. One man has been shot by police. We will provide further information when possible.”

A number of videos have circulated on social media that appear to show a man struggling as he is being held down on the pavement by several other people.

One officer then steps back from the struggle and shoots the man at close range while he lies on the ground.

Some have interpreted the moment as bystanders neutralizing the man, but that is not confirmed.

London Bridge location

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Other videos showed a man wielding a knife.

The police also tweeted: “We are aware of reports circulating on social media.We will release facts when we can – our info must be accurate.”

Sky News reporter Andy Hughes said earlier on Twitter that “a man has been shot and killed by armed police on London Bridge in a suspected terror attack.” 

London Bridge Nov 29

Police near London Bridge.

BuzzFeed UK reporter Mark Di Stefano also said that the nearby Borough Market is being searched by armed police that are “clearing out each bar one by one.”

“People being told by police to get as far away from area as possible.”

Footage shows officers heading to the scene:


Many social media users shared footage of the incident from the bridge, which has a number of office buildings looking over it.

This footage shows panicked people clearing the bridge.


Tim Shipman, political editor at the UK’s The Sunday Times, shared an image of police vehicles on the bridge, and with other vehicles facing the wrong way.

London Ambulance Service said it has “declared a major incident and have a number of crews at the scene in London Bridge.”

The London Bridge station has been closed.

This footage shows the scene outside the station:


UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson said he is being “kept updated on the incident” and thanked the police and emergency services. 

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