/White House sent Trump Thanksgiving tweets to avoid suspicion – Business Insider

White House sent Trump Thanksgiving tweets to avoid suspicion – Business Insider

  • When President Donald Trump travelled to Afghanistan to visit US troops on the eve of Thanksgiving, the White House went to extraordinary lengths to keep the trip secret. 
  • The White House arranged for generic Thanksgiving tweets to be sent from the president’s account, to avoid suspicion when his account fell silent during the 13 hour flight on Air Force One. 
  • In Afghanistan, Trump served Thanksgiving meals to troops at Bagram Air Field, the largest US base in the country. 
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Trump administration staffers sent generic Thanksgiving tweets from President Donald Trump’s Twitter account to avoid suspicion that his account was silent as he made a secret trip to visit US troops in Afghanistan. 

There was no forward announcement of the trip which Trump for security reasons made in a blacked-out plane on Thanksgiving eve, with White House staff going to extraordinary lengths to shroud the trip in secrecy. 

When Trump made the trip to visit troops in Iraq at Christmas last year, close watchers of the president became suspicious when the usually Twitter obsessed president fell silent for several hours. 

Trump Afghanistan thanksgiving visit

President Donald Trump holds up a tray of Thanksgiving dinner during a surprise Thanksgiving Day visit to the troops, Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019, at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan.

So to avoid suspicion this time White House staffer sent out generic Thanksgiving messages from the president’s account as he made the 13 hour journey to Kabul, White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham confirmed to The New York Times. 

Trump started Wednesday with a round of golf at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, with the White House announcing that he would be spending the evening there. 

But soon after Trump instead boarded Air Force One for the 7 p.m. flight to Afghanistan, where US troops have been stationed since 2002. 

Even reporters who travelled with the president on the journey were only told the destination two hours before their arrival, reported Politico.

“It’s a dangerous area and he wants to support the troops,” Grisham told Politico, of the president. “He and Mrs. Trump recognize that there’s a lot of people far away from their families during the holidays and we thought it’d be a nice surprise.”

During the trip to Bagram Airbase, Trump served Turkey to US soldiers, met Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani, and posed for pictures with service personnel. 

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