Tucked away in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City’s narrowest townhouse, 75.5 Bedford Street, stands as a unique architectural gem with historical significance. Despite its compact size, this townhouse has garnered attention for its innovative use of space and charming design.

According to recent estimates, the market value of this townhouse has risen to over $6 million, reflecting both its rarity and the highly competitive real estate market in New York City.

History and Background

75.5 Bedford Street has a storied history that dates back to 1873 when it was constructed in an alleyway between two larger townhouses. The location in Greenwich Village, known for its vibrant cultural scene and historic buildings, makes this townhouse particularly intriguing.

The original design, featuring a Dutch-gabled roof, was intended to maximize the limited space in this narrow alley, resulting in a unique and enduring structure that continues to attract interest from visitors and potential buyers.

Size and Structure

The most striking feature of 75.5 Bedford Street is its width: a mere 9.5 feet, making it the narrowest townhouse in New York City. Despite its slender profile, the building spans three stories and offers 999 square feet of living space. The townhouse underwent renovations to modernize the interior while preserving its historical character.

The updated design includes features like large windows, open doors, and a skylight on the third floor, which help to create an airy and inviting atmosphere despite the tight confines. The use of space is both clever and innovative, with each floor serving a specific purpose to maximize functionality and comfort.

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Unique Features and Innovations

Despite its narrow footprint, 75.5 Bedford Street incorporates several design features that enhance its livability and charm. The large doors, expansive windows, and skylight on the third floor bring in ample natural light, making the space feel more open and welcoming. The interior layout is thoughtfully planned, with each floor serving a unique purpose to maximize functionality.

The first floor contains the kitchen, with a view toward the backyard, allowing for a sense of openness despite the confined space. The master bedroom, located upstairs, features a cozy fireplace and windows that overlook Bedford Street. Across from the master bedroom is the bathroom, equipped with a tub and steam shower.

The third floor includes a studio with additional bookshelves, another fireplace, and a guest bedroom that opens onto a small porch overlooking the shared backyard. These innovative design elements make the most of the limited space, creating a comfortable and efficient living environment.

Famous Past Residents

75.5 Bedford Street has an interesting history of notable residents, including Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Edna St. Vincent Millay and William Steig, the acclaimed illustrator of “Shrek.” The townhouse’s connection to these renowned figures adds to its allure and has made it a part of the New York City tourist trail.

A plaque outside the townhouse claims that Millay wrote her Pulitzer-winning poem during her time there, but this has been disputed. Elizabeth Barnett, the late literary executor of the Millay Society, contested the claim, suggesting that the plaque’s assertion might not be entirely accurate.

Despite this controversy, the association with such prominent figures adds to the townhouse’s historical and cultural significance, contributing to its status as a landmark in Greenwich Village.

Market Value and Trends

In 2013, 75.5 Bedford Street was sold for $3.25 million, which, considering its mere 999 square feet of living space, translated to a cost of $3,253 per square foot. Since then, the estimated market value of this unique townhouse has risen significantly.

Current assessments suggest that the property is worth over $6 million, indicating that its value has almost doubled in the span of a decade. This substantial increase is a reflection of the intensely competitive nature of the New York City real estate market, where unique properties with historical significance are highly sought after.

The reasons behind this rising worth are multifaceted. Beyond the basic economics of supply and demand in a dense urban environment like New York City, the narrowest townhouse offers a distinctive living experience with historical and architectural appeal. The allure of living in such a unique space, combined with its connection to notable figures and its status as a tourist attraction, contributes to its high market value.

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Tourist Attraction and Cultural Impact

75.5 Bedford Street has become a notable tourist attraction, drawing visitors intrigued by its narrow width and storied past. The townhouse’s history, along with its unique architecture, adds to its charm and appeal.

Tourists visiting Greenwich Village often seek out this townhouse to witness its narrow facade and to learn about its famous past residents. Its inclusion in the New York City tourist trail underscores its cultural impact, making it a point of interest not only for real estate enthusiasts but also for those interested in the city’s history and heritage.


75.5 Bedford Street represents a unique blend of historical significance, innovative design, and cultural appeal in the context of New York City’s real estate market. Its narrow width, combined with thoughtful renovations and innovative use of space, makes it a surprising yet charming living environment.

The townhouse’s history, coupled with its association with notable figures and its role as a tourist attraction, further enhances its appeal. As real estate values continue to rise in New York City, this narrow townhouse stands out as a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness that characterize the city’s architectural landscape.

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