OpenStore is a new startup co-founded by venture capitalists Keith Rabois and Jack Abraham. It aims to offer instant liquidity to Shopify merchants, providing them with a platform where they can sell their businesses quickly and seamlessly.

This new venture represents a significant opportunity for small-scale e-commerce merchants to access liquidity and growth opportunities without the traditional hassles associated with selling a business. With its base in Miami, OpenStore is positioning itself as a key player in the evolving e-commerce ecosystem.

Background of Founders

Keith Rabois and Jack Abraham have established themselves as prominent figures in the venture capital and startup worlds. Rabois, a former executive at PayPal and Square, co-founded OpenDoor, a groundbreaking real estate platform. Abraham, on the other hand, founded Atomic, a venture studio known for creating successful startups like Hims, Homebound, and Replicant.

Both founders transitioned from California to Miami during the pandemic, finding common ground in their shared vision for a new startup. Their combined experience in tech and business development sets the stage for OpenStore’s success.

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Concept and Business Model of OpenStore

OpenStore is designed to provide instant liquidity to Shopify merchants by offering to buy their businesses on the same day. The startup aims to acquire a large number of e-commerce shops, integrate them into a single platform, and operate them as part of a unified ecosystem.

This approach allows OpenStore to offer a streamlined solution for Shopify merchants who are looking to sell their businesses quickly, without the complexity and delays typically associated with mergers and acquisitions. The model draws inspiration from both Square, which provides instant liquidity for transactions, and OpenDoor, which facilitates quick real estate deals.

This unique business model has the potential to reshape the way e-commerce businesses are bought and sold, providing a valuable service to merchants who might otherwise struggle to find buyers.

Relationship to Other Businesses

OpenStore’s concept has parallels with other successful companies like Square and OpenDoor. Similar to Square, OpenStore aims to simplify the process of providing liquidity to businesses. Rabois’s previous experience as COO of Square brings a wealth of knowledge in creating systems that allow instant transactions, which informs OpenStore’s approach to quick acquisitions.

Likewise, OpenStore’s business model is reminiscent of OpenDoor, a company that provides rapid evaluations and offers for real estate properties. Rabois’s role in founding OpenDoor is a significant influence on OpenStore’s operations, demonstrating his familiarity with building efficient processes for large-scale transactions.

Building the Team and Infrastructure

OpenStore is still in the early stages of development, with a focus on assembling a skilled team and setting up an office in Miami. As of now, the company has nine full-time employees, but it is actively recruiting engineers and a lead designer to expand its workforce.

To foster collaboration and teamwork, OpenStore has secured a lease in Miami’s trendy Wynwood neighborhood, moving into the fourth floor of The Annex building. This new office space provides the necessary infrastructure to support OpenStore’s growth as it scales its operations.

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Reasons for Choosing Miami

Miami was chosen as the base for OpenStore due to its emerging startup ecosystem and its growing reputation as a hub for innovation. The city’s vibrant culture, business-friendly environment, and favorable climate have attracted many entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in recent years. Rabois and Abraham relocated from California to Miami during the pandemic, recognizing the city’s potential for fostering new ventures.

According to Abraham, Miami has the right mix of ingredients to nurture a successful startup ecosystem. This strategic choice allows OpenStore to tap into Miami’s energy and build a strong foundation for future growth. As more startups consider Miami as their home base, OpenStore’s presence could further cement the city’s position as a leading center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Long-term Vision of OpenStore

OpenStore’s longer-term goals focus on creating a unified platform where e-commerce merchants can not only access liquidity but also find a supportive ecosystem for growth. The vision involves integrating multiple Shopify-based businesses into a single platform, enabling seamless operations and management.

The ultimate aim is to cultivate a dynamic experience for both merchants and customers, reminiscent of spontaneous discoveries found in traditional brick-and-mortar stores. By providing access to data, information, and capital, OpenStore hopes to recreate the excitement of stumbling upon new products and brands, fostering a vibrant online community where merchants and customers can interact more personally.

The Future of OpenStore and Atomic

As OpenStore establishes itself in Miami and begins acquiring Shopify merchants, its potential impact on the e-commerce landscape becomes increasingly significant. The startup’s ability to offer instant liquidity could attract a growing number of businesses, creating a network effect that drives its expansion.

Atomic, the venture studio founded by Jack Abraham, plays a pivotal role in supporting OpenStore’s development. With a track record of successful startups like Hims, Homebound, and Replicant, Atomic provides the necessary resources and expertise to guide OpenStore’s growth. The longer-term outlook includes the possibility of additional startups emerging from Atomic’s Miami office, further enriching the city’s startup ecosystem.


OpenStore represents a new approach to providing instant liquidity for Shopify merchants, driven by the combined experience of Keith Rabois and Jack Abraham. By creating a unified platform for e-commerce businesses, OpenStore seeks to offer a streamlined solution for business owners while fostering a unique shopping experience for customers.

With its base in Miami, the startup aims to contribute to the city’s burgeoning startup scene and become a key player in the evolving e-commerce industry. As OpenStore continues to build its team and infrastructure, its future impact and expansion potential are promising, supported by Atomic’s expertise and the vibrant entrepreneurial environment in Miami.

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