SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, has ventured into the satellite internet business with its Starlink service. The goal of Starlink is to provide high-speed internet to underserved and remote areas, making broadband connectivity accessible worldwide.

Initially, Starlink generated significant buzz with its promise of fast and reliable satellite internet, and many customers placed preorders for the service, expecting rollout in mid-to late 2021.

Shipping Delays and Apology

However, recent developments have caused delays in the delivery of Starlink’s internet kit, prompting the company to issue apologies to its customers. Starlink cited silicon shortages as the primary reason for the slowdown in production, leading to delays in fulfilling preorder commitments. In an email to preorder customers, Starlink admitted that its production rate had been impacted, causing delays in the expected delivery dates for many customers.

Customer Reactions to Delays

The news of the shipping delays sparked reactions from Starlink’s preorder customers, with many expressing their disappointment on social media platforms. These customers, who had paid a $100 deposit earlier in the year, found that their anticipated delivery dates had been pushed back, in some cases from late 2021 to early 2022 or beyond. This led to a discussion about preorder expectations versus reality, with customers feeling frustrated about the prolonged wait and the lack of clarity regarding future delivery times.

Starlink launch

Impact of Delays

The delays in Starlink’s delivery schedule have a significant impact on rural customers, many of whom rely on satellite internet as their only option for connectivity. These delays can disrupt their plans for accessing reliable internet, impacting work, education, and daily activities. Customers in remote areas often have limited alternatives, making them particularly vulnerable to postponed delivery times.

For example, Jesse Nowlin, who ordered Starlink for his property in San Diego, was initially told he would have service by mid- to late 2021. However, his delivery date was pushed to January 2022, causing frustration. Nowlin’s second order for another location was also delayed, now estimated to arrive in mid- to late 2022. These postponements represent significant delays for customers who depend on internet access for essential services.

Starlink’s Response to Delays

Starlink addressed the delays in an email sent to customers, acknowledging that silicon shortages over the past six months have impacted production rates, which led to the delivery setbacks. The company apologized for the inconvenience and assured customers that they were working to improve and streamline production processes.

Starlink mentioned that it was enhancing its engineering, supply chain, and production teams to increase the production rate and meet customer demand. The email also provided guidance to customers on how to check their estimated delivery times through their Starlink accounts, giving them a way to track the progress of their orders. Despite these reassurances, some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the delays and the communication approach, indicating that the company’s response did not fully address their concerns.

Customer Feedback and Concerns

The delays and shifting delivery dates have led to increasing concerns among Starlink’s preorder customers. Many customers who anticipated receiving the service in 2021 now find themselves with delivery dates extending into 2022 or even later. This uncertainty has caused some customers to question the reliability of Starlink’s preorder system.

Customer feedback on social media and forums reflects growing frustration. Some customers have expressed their intent to request refunds or cancel their orders due to the prolonged delays. A Reddit user mentioned considering a refund because the expected delivery date had been postponed to late 2022, which might be too late for their needs. Others expressed concerns about the lack of effective communication from Starlink’s customer service, noting difficulty in reaching the company for updates.


The delays in Starlink’s production and delivery highlight the broader issues caused by global silicon shortages and supply chain disruptions. While SpaceX’s apology and commitment to improving production are steps in the right direction, the company’s communication and ability to manage customer expectations will be crucial in maintaining customer trust.

The current situation underscores the challenges faced by companies like SpaceX in scaling new technologies while dealing with global supply constraints. The outlook for Starlink remains positive, as the company continues to launch satellites and expand its service. However, addressing customer feedback and managing expectations will be key to maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring a smooth rollout of the Starlink service.

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